Mega Performance:
Advanced Vaso/Capillary Complex

Specifically formulated to turbo-charge your sex drive when you need it most, Mega Performance is the key to the biggest, hardest, most reliable erection of your life.

Take Mega Performance 45 minutes before sexual activity to perform in ways you- and she- never thought possible.

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Mega Performance

customer review "The results for me have been dramatic, instant, and superior". KW from Beverly Hills, CA

I ordered the Mega Pack and have to say the results for me have been dramatic, instant, and superior. I am convinced I need to stick with this stuff after my girlfriend ask if I'd taken viagra. I told her I hadn't, and she said, "Wow". And because it is reasonably priced, I will buy it again

  • Designed to be taken 45 minutes prior to sexual activity for peak performance
  • Contains the most potent and proven ingredients to increase blood flow to areas critical for sexual funcation
  • Enhances erection size, strength, and duration
  • Ensures reliable performance every time

Q: Will MEGA PERFORMANCE really make me bigger?

MEGA PERFORMANCE is not going to add inches permanently like some supplements falsely claim to do. But it will maximize the blood flow and sexual functions you need to achieve your FULL natural potential. So it will definitely make you harder, thicker, and bigger… and this is just YOU getting the most out of YOUR erection. But remember, this a temporary effect not a permanent one.

The MEGA PERFORMANCE formula is the best on the market for helping you keep a harder bigger erection for a longer period of time, and I personally have seen amazing results on my own body.

Q: How long before I see results?

MEGA PERFORMANCE starts working 30 to 45 min minutes after taking the pill.

Q: How is it different from other products?

MEGA PERFORMANCE is much most potent than any other supplements available online or at your local store. It is specifically formulated to give you the maximum erection and stamina in the bedroom. It uses only the finest ingredients, and no other supplement even comes close.

Q: Is MEGA PERFORMANCE safe? Can I take it if i am taking out medicaiton?

MEGA PERFORMANCE is not for your average user. Because it dilats your blood vessels, individuals with low blood pressure or on blood pressure medication should not take this product. MEGA PERFORMANCE is general safe, however, it is always recommended to check with your doctor before trying any type of new vitamin or supplement.

Q: Is my order going to be shipped discreetly?

Yes. All of our supplements are shipped in plain brown envelopes so that no one but you will know what is inside your package.

How It Works

It works by using the amino acids L-citrulline and L-arginine to stimulate increased nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide production dilates blood vessels… and determines how much blood flow your erection is going to get.

MEGA PERFORMANCE provides the nitrates you need to boost the blood flow you get when aroused… giving you the longest, hardest, biggest erection your body is capable of. And helping you keep that massive erection for much longer than you normally would be able to. MEGA PERFORMANCE also utilizes powerful herbs found only in remote parts of Asia to increase sexual desire and performance.

Our unique combination gives you that increased sexual drive and desire while keeping you calm and aware, ensuring that you do not succumb to any overexcitement that could result in premature orgasm. Taking MEGA PERFORMANCE before sexual activity gives you the added power for ultimate performance.

For best results, stack this pill with MEGA ENHANCEMENT.


Arginine and Citrulline

Arginine and Citrulline- L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are natural compounds found in many different food sources. They are also crucial ingredients in any male enhancement formula because they are directly responsible for increasing blood flow to your erection.
It works in three steps:

  • Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels in your penis to relax
  • When they relax, they open wider
  • When they're open wider they let more blood into the penis.

That seems a little complicated, but it's actually the reason we're able to get erections.  Erections are the direct result of blood filling the erectile chambers, causing them to expand and get BIGGER.  This sounds scary, but it's a medical fact:
If you're low on nitric oxide, you'll NEVER get an erection.

(aka Horny Goat Weed)

Epimedium (aka Horny Goat Weed) is a Chinese aphrodisiac dating back to ancient times.  According to legend, a goat herder noticed his flock exhibiting extraordinary sexual activity after they ate this weed.
Recent studies have clearly shown that Epimedium, just like Arginine, also increases your levels of nitric oxide
We just discussed the details of how that works, but there's something else you should know about it: boosting nitric oxide is exactly what synthetic drugs like the "little blue pill" do to help men get hard.

  • In fact, the company who manufacturers the "blue pill" was denied full patent rights by the U.S. Patent office because the chemical make-up was too similar to Epimedium.

All facts aside, however, once again it was my own experience actually trying and experimenting with these different herbs that led to its inclusion in the formula for Male Enhancement.
Its ancient tradition as a healing agent also had tremendous influence on me.  Chinese men have been using “Horny Goat Weed” for centuries, and I wanted Mega Enhancement to have a link to this history of powerful herbalism.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng – This is a central ingredient in Mega Booster, and one of the most popular and expensive herbs in the world. It has been used in Asia for over 500 years as a tonic and restorative, and the name translates to “All-Healing Man Herb” in Chinese.

Here in the United States over 6 million Americans use it regularly to improve their health, memory, and learning abilities. And many professional athletes that you see on TV use it to boost their sports game.
Mega Booster depends on Panax Ginseng to enhance Nitric Oxide synthesis, resulting in harder erections, stronger libido, thicker penis girth, and greater sexual satisfaction. And it does all of this while enhancing your overall physical (sexual) performance.

It also has awesome “adaptogenic” properties which promote vitality by increasing resistance to stress and ageing.


Theanine – L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea that helps improve sleep, mood, and weight. Going back over 5000 years as a medicine, it has been used to rejuvenate, relax, enhance the ability to think, improve mood, and lower blood pressure. 

Mega Booster uses theanine to give you a MAJOR increase in sex drive.


CoQ10 – CoEnzyme Q10 is used by every particle in your body, and is required for your cells to produce energy. Not only will it boost energy at a cellular level but it helps convert fat into power and strength for your body… while supporting strong heart health and cardiovascular circulation.

Mega Booster incorporates the energy generating powers of CoQ10 to increase your ability to have strong satisfying sex without getting tired quickly.


Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba – Derived from one of the oldest living tree species, and used for hundreds of years in Oriental medicine to restore youth and vigor, Ginkgo consistently ranks as one of top selling natural medicines in Europe and is even classified as a prescription herb in Germany.

The Ginkgo biloba leaves contain properties that improve blood circulation as well as being high in antioxidants, which help against free radicals.
When used in conjunction with Ginseng is believed to increase the sexual potency of both, and Mega Booster uses the combination of Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba to supercharge the sexual benefits that either would provide alone.

Piper Nigrum

Piper Nigrum – An extract derived from peppercorns… piperine is the main alkaloid from black pepper… and has been shown to substantially increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in foods and supplements. 

I include high quality piperine to help your body get the best possible results from the clinical strength herbs and root extracts.




Take 4 capsules 30 to 45 minutes prior to sexual activity on an empty stomach. Do not take more than 4 capsules daily.


Customer Reviews

"They increased length and thickness and it feels grand." - Carlos, Newport Beach Ca

Hey guys, I'm 75 years old and feel like 30. I'm now on my second order of Mega Enhancement and Mega Performances and swear this stuff works. I've tried other brands but nothing works like these products from John Lawrence. I can feel them working for they increased length and thickness and it feels grand. The products help with my self confidence as well as major help with my performance. So, at age 75 I can tell you that you have a grand future sexually with these products. Good Luck to each of you reading this. And John, thanks for all your effort to bring a great deal of satisfaction to your customers and the ladies they pleasure. Carlos

"Products that actually do what you claimed they would do." - Len, Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you Lawrence's Supplements, for putting out a products that actually do what you claimed they would do. I have expierienced a noticable edge in the bedroom, and my overall labido..

"The wife is very pleased to say the least" - D, Ohio

This is a great product! It did for me all that it claims it's supposed to do. It's the truth! Harder and easier to obtain erections, less recovery time and a whole load of confidence. The wife is very pleased to say the least. Thank you for this product, John. It's a game changer for a guy in his 40's!

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Should my products fail to meet any of these promises for you, I'll proudly offer a full, no-questions-asked 100% Money-back Guarantee.   "Products that actually do what you claimed they would do." - Len, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thank you Lawrence's Supplements, for putting out a products that actually do what you claimed they would do. I have expierienced a noticable edge in the bedroom, and my overall labido."

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